Introduction to CodeIgniter


Codeigniter introduction
Codeigniter is a MVC Framework
What is MVC ?
MVC Stands for Model, View and Controller
MVC Architecture


  • Model work as back-end.
  • Model deals with back-end operations.
  • Fetch data from database and send to controller


  • View work as front-end.
  • View deals with fronted operations.
  • Display data and capture user action
  • Send user action to controller

Controller works as intermediater between model and view.
Advantage of MVC

  • Reduce code felxibilty
  • Code Reusability
  • Easy to manage
  • Code readabilty

What is framework ?
Framework is a collection of reusable libraries. which mean how to reuse the code.
why we use codeigniter

How to install codeigniter
Download the code from
Extract the zip file and paste in the root directory
Rename the directory(if you want)
run the codeigniter (https://localhost/directory_name)